Even if you fueled your tank with nutritious food, you could still feel exhausted with little sleep, little exercise, and a lot of stress. When things go smoothly, you tend to feel more relaxed and ready to face whatever the day may bring. While some hassles cant be avoided, you can make mood-enhancing decisions... Read the 10 Morning Mood Boosters article > > There is hope. This is an important concept in energy production, says Sal Fichera, MS, CSCS, an exercise physiologist and owner of Forza Fitness in New York City. If we're not in motion, those processes simply slow down to an extreme case where a person just dies and it stops." The more active folks, on the other hand, reach a point where movement feels natural. All it takes is a walk, a breath, or a stretch to infuse energy into an inactive body. Since many of us hardly have the time to incorporate exercise into our busy schedules, Fichera offers the following tips: Just do it.