And although a 10-minute break might not be quite as reinvigorating as 10 days on a Caribbean beach, it can boost energy and mood. How can you use a 10-minute break for something more energizing than aimless web surfing or yet another game of Minesweeper? To find out, WebMD turned to experts from different fields -- therapists, dietitians, and integrative medicine specialists. Sun exposure also boosts serotonin levels, which can improve mood and help you sleep better at night. It also doesnt break down the volatile oils, meaning that the espresso is less likely to cause adverse effects like GERD. Do a crossword. When youre feeling burned out, focusing on a different sort of mental task for a few minutes can help boost energy. Get a collection of crossword puzzles and find a difficulty level that you can usually complete in about 10 minutes. Plenty of Web sites have free crosswords, and some newspapers offer cheap monthly subscriptions for online versions of their puzzles.