In the group of viruses that includes dengue and chikungunya, a newcomer now has people talking about it. Showing almost the same symptoms as its two dreaded cousins, did zika pass unnoticed by the researchers? The result: many cases were due to the zika virus. The latter infected the inhabitants of Libreville with the same frequency as by the dengue or chikungunya viruses. Therefore, the capital actually experienced a concomitant epidemic of dengue, chikungunya, and zika in 2007. Additionally, analysis of the phylogenetic tree of the zika viruses detected in Libreville confirms that it was a strain belonging to the old African line. An emerging threat to human health The researchers also re-analysed the mosquitoes captured in 2007. These studies attested to the first known presence of zika in Aedes albopictus, better known as the tiger mosquito.