A friend told me if I get pregnant before my cycle the baby can get sick or I can m/c again. I'm a bit scared now since my fianc and I have not been using protection these past few days. 15 out of 15 found this helpful My doctor told me to wait for 1 cycle and she felt it was safe to get pregnant again. i had 1 cycle (which I tried to get pregnant but didnt and just took a pregnancy test tonight and it was positive. So I know how you feel......emotionall roller coaster if you will.....my fingers are crossed for you. Good luck and remember your not alone - i agree with the first post answering your questions. good luck :) posted 07/17/2010 by a BabyCenter Member Was this answer helpful? I'm completely gutted and upset that I have been fooled by my body into thinking I am still pregnant.