Posted: 03/10/2010 by shelly2010 30% of women experience some type of spotting/bleeding during the first trimester. Spotting can be caused by a sensitive cervix, sub chorionic bleed, placenta previa, etc and not always indicative of a miscarriage. If you are worried about spotting, call your OB and ask for an ultrasound to rule out miscarriage. I called my dr and he said it is normaly just the baby stretching or settling in. At first the movements felt like a little twitch in the lower abdomen where you could not only feel it but see it as well. so yes it is normal and a good thing because it lets you know the baby is ok and very active Was this answer helpful? 2 out of 2 found this helpful I had spotting, then heavy bleeding around 13 weeks with my second baby. She was ok, and the doctor reassured us that if they can find a heartbeat, that the chances for miscarriage are really low.